onsdag 13 januari 2016

Norway, Hemsedal, 2016

A short summary of the Norway trip!
We had a lovely week in Hemsedal, the weather was snowy and very cold with temperatures as low as -27 during night, and about -15 to -20 degrees during the day. Despite an allergic reaction the first few days of the week, and Jared's ski fall on the last day, it was an enjoyable experience and we had a lot of fun!

So basically, on the last day of the trip just before returning the equipment to the resort, Jared had a quite nasty fall.. I was at the bottom of the slopes waiting for everyone, so I didn't see the fall myself (my goggles had frozen in the previous slope, so I decided to wait in the heated cabins until they were usable again). Anyway, he fell in a popular slope that we had gone in many times throughout the week, and it had a section with little bumps where you could do some "mini jumps". This was Jared's favourite part of the slope - Jared has picked up skiing really quickly by the way, I am very impressed! This time though, at the last bump, the speed changed a bit and he lost his balance and fell, tumbled for a bit, skis and ski poles sprinkled around him. He was fine to sit up using his left arm, and with some pain in his right shoulder he came down to meet me. After sitting down he said: "I think I just broke my collarbone". I freaked out a bit and called the medics, they took him to the medical cabin (on one of those cool snowmobiles!), and then we drove him to the hospital.

And yes, he did break his collarbone, not just a little bit; completely snapped. But the doctors said it was a good looking injury, the x-ray was fine and all he needs to do is rest and take painkillers for a few weeks. So yeah, he's not allowed to raise his arm above shoulder height for about 8 weeks, but should start to move the arm in about 7 days. Jared still has a big smile on his face though, and he's doing well!

Here are some photos from Hemsedal - enjoy :)

Injured, but still smiling!

 Posing in front of a frozen lake


3 kommentarer:

  1. Så skönt att han ändå ler trots den lilla olyckan. Jag har också ramlat när jag åkt skidor, men inte haft sån otur att jag brutit något.

    1. Ja han var pa bra humor anda! Han borjar kunna rora armen mer nu med, inte lika mycket smartstillande heller :) Nee det ar inte kul att ramla med skidor.. det ar sa manga saker som hanger ihop liksom, skidor, pjaxor, stavar! :/

    2. Ja och på köpet så måste man hålla utkik efter andra människor, träd och allt annat som kan komma i vägen för en själv.

      Va skönt att det verkar läka bra :)